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Friday, June 28, 2019

Why is Professional Development So Important?

When people use the term professional development, they usually mean a formal process such as a seminar, inter-active workshop, conference or a course at a college or university. However, professional development can also occur in informal contexts such, independent reading and research, on-the-job observation or a formal mentoring program offered through their employer.  Whatever the term, the purpose is the same — to improve your skill sets.  Outlined below are five reasons for the HR professional to continue to attend professional development programs.

Improving Your Verbal Communication Skills

Seminars can be a comfortable, open environment for practicing professional communication techniques. Group discussions and activities can also let you practice and hone your interpersonal skills.  Dealing with conflicting opinions among group members and working together to accomplish assignments or tasks is a very important skill for HR professionals to acquire.

Networking Opportunities

Building new relationships and meeting new contacts is important for career growth. Relationships with clients, speakers and vendors can help you gain knowledge from having meaningful conversations with them as well as determining what resources are available for future initiatives and programs.

Learning Something New

Learning about new and more effective ways to accomplish things and gaining additional knowledge about business subjects and concepts are all benefits of attending professional development workshops.  Putting into practice the knowledge that you just gained is a key goal when learning something new.

Becoming an Expert

Professional Development training enables you to gain more expertise in your field and develop new ideas on ways to improve in your job.  Enhancing your technical skills will allow you to be grow and increase your knowledge as well as be rewarding.

Renewed Motivation

Meeting new people and learning new things often leads to great feelings of inspiration. You will want to share this new enthusiasm with your staff and peers.

Enjoying Your Passion

Attending workshops and seminars are usually very fun. It’s a day away from the office and most people love connecting with others who share their interests and passions.

For the Human Resources professional an important challenge is keeping up with our profession, the law, technology and new techniques.  Attending and being open to professional development opportunities is important for your success.

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