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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

What Will HR Professionals Experience in the Future?

HR professionals will face significant changes in their role at over the next decade.  Three changes are in the immediate future for HR leaders. Let us take a look at those areas that will impact Human Resource leaders:

1.     The use of outsourcing and digital data collection will result in the HR department migrating from a labor intensive area to a specialized function where employee self-service will be the result.   Fewer managerial positions along with support staff will be the end result.  HR leaders will need to do more with less staff; however, the approval to automate and outsource as many functional areas will be encouraged and the anticipated trend.

2.     The expectation of HR playing a broader role in the overall success of the company is on the horizon.  During the “great recession” HR executives stepped-up to the table and implemented the necessary changes so that companies could survive.  Their role in looking for alternatives other than layoffs resulted in the C-suite understanding the important role Human Resources plays in the execution of the strategic vision.  Increased respect for the profession has resulted in higher expectations for the future.

3.     The need for metrics that support the vision of the Board and leaders of the company.  Metrics to evaluate performance, talent management, retention and employee satisfaction and engagement will become a focus of company leaders as they look to leverage their successes and minimize their business challenges.  HR leaders will need to find new ways to evaluate company and talent performance that is numbers driven with less subjectivity.

To learn about changes to the Human Resource profession please go to the SHRM study following the link below:

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